Why Paper Lids?

Environmentally friendly paper lids is a modern environmental and human protection product concept that is 100% biodegradable in a short time and does not harm human health because it does not contain any carcinogenic substances. In this context, paper lids are loved by consumers because they make people’s lives easier and protect their health.

Introduction of eco-friendly paper lids

Eco-Friendly Paper cover is a paper container made by processing and bonding with raw paper (Made from raw paper, bamboo pulp). The surface of the paper cover will adhere to a nationally recognized special polyethylene film. It is not only heat resistant, but also non-toxic in high-temperature beverages.

Eco-friendly paper covers

Paper covers are divided into three as single-sided PE-coated paper covers, double-sided PE-coated paper covers and BIO paper covers.

1- Single-sided PE-coated paper cover: The paper cover made of single-sided PE-coated paper is called single PE paper cup, expressed as follows: the inside of the water-containing paper cover has smooth PE-coated film;

2- Double-sided PE-coated paper lids: The paper cup produced with double-sided PE-coated paper is called double-sided PE paper cup, it is expressed that there is a PE-coated film inside and outside the paper. Recommended for cold drinks and printed covers.

3-BIO Paper lids: These are the caps produced with raw materials that are not harmful to human health and the environment and offered to the end consumer.

Advantages of eco-friendly paper lids
1- Recyclable. Waste is easy to dispose of and recycle and can save resources.

2- Biodegradable. While plastic caps disappear in nature in 400 years, the paper caps we produce disappear in nature in 3 months. 3- Harmless to health. While plastic caps are harmful to human health due to the carcinogenic substances in their content, especially in contact with hot products, paper caps are harmless.

4- Good appearance. Paper cover with customized printing logo for customers to choose, Personalized design makes the appearance more promotional effect. Our company Harrasch Paper Packaging has always focused on the production of biodegradable disposable paper caps, straws and cups and advocated sustainable development with scientific environmental protection. We will always continue to be consistent with the contemporary concept of environmental protection and serve our customers.

Why Paper Lids?

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